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Tai'an Kai hang iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

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  Tai'an Qi hang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was founded in November 22, 2006. It is a subsidiary of Shandong Xinqiao Industrial Co., Ltd., located at the foot of Taishan, which is the largest and the most powerful five mountain. It is located in the largest steel market in Jiangbei, China -- Taishan full Zhuang steel market.
  Our company specializes in alloy high pressure steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, alloy pipe, Wuxi large caliber thick wall tube, seamless steel pipe and so on. It is suitable for engineering, coal mine, textile, electric power, boiler, machinery, military industry and other fields. The company enjoys good reputation, high-quality products, strong strength and low price, and enjoys a reputation in more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and abroad. Its products are deeply user dependent.
  The company perennial inventory in million tons, with a strong, rich variety of complete specifications, perfect quality assurance, reasonable price, excellent service, constantly by the new and old customers and industry recognition and trust, our spirit and the reach of the user, the user would like to service continuously hard work, enterprising, to express my sincere gratitude here over the years to support our new and old friends from all walks of life.
  The company's main diameter 20-133*2-30 cold drawn steel tube, seamless steel pipe, blowing smelting large diameter thick wall steel pipe, the inner hole of finishing rolling light pipe, honing tube, seamless steel pipe, galvanized pipe, capillary.
In accordance with the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, the company wins the favor of customers by high quality service. Want the customer to think, urgent customer is urgent. And will be willing to cooperate with all customers for a long time, mutual benefit and win-win.

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