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      The Shandong letter Bridge pays attention to the training of talents and implements the training mechanism of talents.
      We plan a scientific and systematic career development channel for employees, serve employees grow and grow, and create a full process, all-round and sustainable career development platform for their employees. We should adopt diversified training measures and set up a variety of development channels.
      1. vocational training. We are entering the workplace tailored pre job training of new employees, the staff management system, channel bridge culture, employee occupation moral and future work management system, work flow, work standards, basic skills of classroom teaching, organize all kinds of recreational activities actively, so that new employees faster and better understanding of the letter, the letter into the bridge the bridge, completed the transition from student to staff.
      2. teacher mentoring. After the entry of new employees, we have implemented various forms of work guidance based on the professional orientation, interest and career planning of new employees, who are experienced by the company, knowledgeable and talented.
      3. professional knowledge training. After the entry, the company will regularly organize business exchanges, carry out follow-up training to new employees, and solve various problems put forward by the new staff and workers in time.

      4. lead care. We have established communication channels such as WeChat communication  group, QQ communication group, WeChat public number, leadership forum and so on. We have established a regular conversation system and help plan for leaders and employees, and timely understood and grasps the staff's ideological trend and suggestion needs, and care about staff development.

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